Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Floriade Pavilions

At the Floriade my special attention goes to the design of the pavilions. They are very well situated within the larger park-framework and public spaces. My personal top 5 of the most attractive pavilions:

No5. The dutch pavilion -  a beautiful exterior with complex wooden panels, the largest drawback is the fact that the exposition inside is completely ignorant of the nice structure and the accompanying texts are very haphazard.
No.4 German pavilion – this wooden building is not only a pavilion, the wooden outdoor decks and integrated garden is a beautiful ensemble which makes the exposition subsequent.
No3. Estonia created a small wooden pavilion with a great eye for detail. The indoor – outside relation is great. Less is more...
No2. Spain has submitted a colourful building including public space. Inside the flooring is made from reused wooden packing materials.
No1. The general kiosks are my undoubted number one. The shops, toilets, restaurants all have the same horizontal wooden bars which makes them very recognizable as the facilities buildings. The details are simple but great.

Other honorable mentions:
The only, non-wooden pavilion: Nederland bloeit. The only pavilion in which the exposition is in line with the design. The sushi bar in the transparent building invites visitors in a nice ambience to learn more about a variety of dutch products.
Belgian pavilion with stunning green roof

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